Rugby Drill Demonstration


1 Defender holds the tackle pad and stands about 10m from the start line. The ball carrier runs and then hits the tackle pad and goes down to present the ball. 2 attackers ruck over to protect the ball, scrum half comes up and feeds the ball out to the oncoming attacking backs.

Coaching points

1. Ball carrier must hit the ground and turn to face his team and present the ball. Don't try to pass the ball or throw it backwards, place it firmly down to keep it in the ruck.

2. Rucking position is low, balanced, head to the side of the tackle pad with outside foot furthest forward. Grab partners shirt and keep hips tight together to keep strong barrier with no gaps.

3. Make sure ruck is protecting the ball, not necessarily wiping out the opposition defender. Its ball protection not tackling!

4. Scrum half use feet to access the ball, don't pick up until ready to pass, remember to shout 'BREAK'.

5. Attacking backs stay in a steep offensive line, and call for the ball when ready to receive the ball on the run.

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