Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Players form 6 lines, 3 lines on each side of the grid, between the middle set of cones (white), ready for a average length pass.
  • The player on the right side of the grid starts with the ball and runs straight across the grid passing the ball behind the back of the second player to the third player when they are half way across.
  • Have the players move to there right when they line up to come back across the grid to make sure a different person is in the middle all the time.
  • The last man passes the ball to the first man, on the opposite line, who moves back across the grid.
  • After a few minutes stop and start again with the ball starting on the left and passing right.

Coaching points

  • Keep changing the length of the passes make the passing more challenging
  • Use different set of cones to change the length of pass
    • Blue for narrow passes
    • White for average passes
    • Red for long passes

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