Rugby Drill Demonstration


Split the pitch in half, with half he team practising in each area

Set up with 3 opposition fielding the kick, and 7 players in a bunch behind the Ruck

On 9's command, we set up our kick chase shape from Ruck (min 2 blockers) 

Kick can come from 9 or 10, high kick to blindside winger

Attack try to return the ball and score, defence stop them from scoring with effective line chase

Coaching points

Initial set up

2 blockers

Min 1 blindside

Rest in flat line open side

Chase has 3 parts

- Fast chase, looking to put pressure on catcher AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. these two players are trying to shepard the catcher where we want him to be, ideally towards the touchline and away from support

- Hinge, second wave of A able to support FC and fill in any holes. E.G. if opposition move the ball one pass to 15, outside H works hard to link with outside FC so that we still have two players with quick pressure

- Green Wall, all other players (bar 15 and openside winger) chase as a solid wall, so that should FC and H be beaten we can still close down space and make a tackle

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