Rugby Drill Demonstration


Getting used to working in two pods , start the drill in pairs, first person hits contact shield with good ball presentation and then the next player acts as scrum half, and off loads to second pod, who hits up on the nex pads, whilst the first group retreat for the next hit, do this 5 times and change players.

Building up this drill: 3 players, first hit shield, second person who i like to coach i call 'Spiderman' the Jackler protects and then the scrum half passes ball away to next pod of three, changing the role of each player after 5 efforts.

Building this up even further: Two pads, 5 players, same one player hits contact two clear out pads, one 'Spiderman' and one scrum half, must be done at pace offloading to next pod.

Coaching points

Hitting Pad: There must be a correct body position, hitting contact with ball furthest away from the defender and getting ball back as far as you can once you have hit the ground. I coach 'North to South' hit north place south.

Support: This drill is about working together in pods, this means there is no room for gaps in our attack, each person must be within arms length of the person in front or to the side of them.

Jackler/Spiderman: IMPORTANT, strong wide base, crouched with head slightly raised holding your player with both hands tightly.

Offload: This must be done quickly and pod must be moving in order to make this work.

Lazy: No good laying on the floor thinking job is done, 5 times this drill is done condecutively so no room for tiredness or excuses, once you have hot the pad, get up on your feet as soon as possible, attack in numbers.


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