Rugby Drill Demonstration



  • Scrum half with pile of balls
  • Passing waves in 4 lines
  • 3 defenders opposite wave


  • On s/h passing, defenders push up, calling "Push" or similar.
  • Each attacker is tackled as the have the ball
  • Defenders try to push attack backwards and cut off the pass reaching the wing
  • Attackers try to pass quickly and accurately enough to get past defence
  • Defence calls "Reload" and realigns for the next wave of 4 attackers

Coaching points

Defence Points:

  • Go up in a line - dont allow players out of the line unless running a "shooter"
  • Fade off runners if they pass too early and "double-team" the outside runners
  • Pick the time to "spot tackle" to snuff out the 2 v 1 overlap


  • Quick clean hands always beats the tacklers
  • Don't fire miss-passes when you have to overlap
  • Recover from breakdowns quickly.

NOTE: Make the same three defenders cover multiple waves and try to avoid a quality drop.

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