Rugby Drill Demonstration


Side on tackle from knees

  • The defender will start on both his kneew facing 90 degrees from the attacker.
  • the attacker will slowly walk toward the defender, witht the aim of getting tackled.
  • the defender will then put his head behind the player, contact with the shoulder, wrap round his theighs and go to ground with the player. 
  • the attacker should turn his body to his team and present the ball arms out away from the oppisition so the ball can easily be picked up by his team.

  • repeat this process for both shoulder for the defender then switch over.  

Coaching points

Key Ideas

  1. defender keep eyes up looking at the attacker as he walks towards you.
  2. keep back straight 
  3. make sure your head is behind the attacker botom and then wrap your arms aound him. 

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