Rugby Drill Demonstration


1 v 1

  • players will be split into two teams and line up behind the cones on either side of the field.
  • players on both sides will be numbered of from 1 to 5
  • The coach will call the number.
  • both players of which that is there humber will get up and run around the outside cone on the field.
  • the coach will then hand one of them the ball, this player is the attacker and will have to make his way around the defender to score a try.
  • the defender will try to make a two hand tag on the attackers hips. 

Coaching points

Key points

  • run with the ball in two hands
  • place the ball down with two hands
  • defender watch which way the attackers hips go, not his feet.
  • use speed and side step to try and beat the defender

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