Attacking Header

category: Heading

Both players start on their knees with one player feeding an accurate throw for the other player to attack.

It is best to begin practising t...

Attacking, Jumping Header

category: Heading

A progression from the attacking header drill.

The jump adds extra power and purchase to the header and means the player can meet the ball i...

Heading Game

category: Heading

Players are split into two teams and line up behind the red cone at their end. One blue player starts in the middle between the two middle cones. T...

Heading Variations

category: Heading

Working in pairs one player feeds whilst the other player is the returning player who heads the ball back to the feeder's hands.

However, th...

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Attacking headers

Red player passes ball to blue and runs shuffles back to touch green cone. Blue player throws ball and opens legs for red to direct a downward h...


Attacking HeadersSplit teams into pairs1 player with a ball throws it for the other player to try direct a header towards the white line or a cone in ...

Attacking header

Ball crossed in by service players and attacked by individual attacker. No defenders so coach can focus on quality of header and line of attack.Progre...

heading blocked

player 1 throw player 2 head back cushioned headerDeffending headerattacking header: (player 1 stands in mini goal and player 2 tries to sco...