Rugby League - Touch Rugby Variation

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Rugby League - Touch Rugby Variation Warm Up Split your players into two teams, giving one group of players a set of coloured bibs to set them ...

Simple Handling

category: Ball-handling

Rugby League Simple Handling Ball handling 3 vs 1 vs 1 Ball Carrier passes the ball into the post player and runs across the front of him and receive...

Pass And Shuttle

category: Passing

Rugby League Pass and shuttle Passing Players stand in a square by a cone each. They pass the ball around either clock wise or anti clock wise. After...

Call The Pass! 3 + 1

category: Warm-up

Rugby League Call the pass! 3 + 1 Warm up Groups of 4 One ball per group In threes, handling up a channel, support runner calls self into line, recei...


Community Drills

Cool Down - Dribbling relay

To end off the session, the students will use the technique of dribbling the soccer ball into an old fashion relay. The students will stay in there gr...