Jackle Race

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Jackle Race Contact Skills The aim of the drill is to develop speed off the floor into a positive Jackle Position. The Jacklers emphasis is to ...


category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Centering Contact Skills The aim of the drill is to develop a strong profile, protecting the ball. ... Jackle Race. View this drill. Tackle Jac...

Jackal Progression Drill

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Jackal progression drill Contact Skills 1. Bounce Race to get off the floor. CHest to bag then bag to feet. 2. Bounce with sausage Same as abov...

Sausage Wrestle And Jackal

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Sausage Wrestle and Jackal Contact Skills Groups of 3 Sausage Ball 1 player lines up opposite a standing sausage, wrestles it to the floor, lan...

Web Videos

How to tackle and jackal in rugby

Here is a tutorial video of how to execute the highly controversial Tackle and Jackal in Rugby. Included is a slide on Law, when and how to execute it...



Community Drills

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Defence shape Tight 5 - hold the trafficoutside backs and lose forwards hold wider channals - look for jackle back three - work pendulum&nbs...