Narrow Channel Passing

category: Passing

Rugby Narrow Channel Passing Passing Drill to practice attacking in a small channel. Set up a channel roughly 20m wide and 5m long. Position threeƂ ....

Colour Cone Attack

category: Decision-making

Rugby Colour Cone Attack Decision making Drill to practice attacking from different positions. Set up a grid roughly 20m wide and 15m long with three...

2 V 1 Into 3 V 2

category: Decision-making

Rugby 2 v 1 into 3 v 2 Decision making Drill to improve short space and wide space overlap play. Set up a grid 15m wide, split into a 5m channel and ...


Community Drills


Fish run from one line to the next. Spear fisher tries to tag the fish with passing the ball and hitting the fish. A tagged fish will turn spearfisher...

stand up and fish

simp,e exercise. each player will be lie down .Each player must stand up asap and catch the balldefensivefishingchesting

fishing and tuckling

1+1vs1grey one will go directly like carried ball player. Bue will be tacklerRed will move to clean the ruckagresiveposition on rucktackle must s...

Sharks and Fishes aka Bulldogs

Start with one catcher, catcher makes two handed touch or takes tag/bib.Attackers carry balls and try to run to other side without being caughtIf caug...