Tackling On Knees (With Direction).

category: Tackling

Player with ball walking on knees and the tackler coming in form the side.Shows correct way of the player to present the ball.Player going around the ...

Presenting The Ball

category: Tackling

Good for younger rugby players to learn how to go into contact and set up the ball at pace, you can use it as a competition between the team with a li...

3 V Tackle Bag And Body Suit

category: Tackling

3 attackers start at the beginning of the grid who will go up against the tackle bag first and then the person in the body suit second; these two shou...

Tackling (Static).

category: Tackling

Tackler to stand in a squat position.Player with ball standing (static).Tackler hitting the player with the ball low with their shoulder and driving t...

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Community Drills

Vermelho / Red Stage 2

3 options again. First option 13 on a switch. 2nd 12 on a very flat crash ball. Or 15 out the back on a wide ball.


Crash ball from ruck1 - pointer calls playPlay is Ice - then number or seriesIce 1 - 1 takes pass into contact 2 & 3 ruck outIce 1,2 - 1 takes pas...

The Cluster F*ck

This play is perfect for backlines who by default will stand much more flat than you would prefer. This play includes two simple plays with three poss...