Drill Categories

Warm Up Drills

Warm up drills in rugby are important because they get your players' muscles ready for exercise and help to reduce the risk of injury. They're also a ...


Slalom Running

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Slalom Running Agility & Running Skills Set up a running slalom for your players to run through at the end of their training. It should be appr...

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Kick From Hands

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick From Hands Kicking Kicking from hands requires the player to kick the ball before it bounces, unlike a drop kick. 1 ball, cones to give ar...

Punt Kicks

category: Kicking

Rugby Punt Kicks Kicking • The aim of the drill is to develop kickers through the gate and keeping square onto the kick.

Web Videos

Www.rugbyworld.com cool down for rugby

An appropriate cool down is imperative in order to: •Aid in the dissipation of waste products - including lactic acid. •Return muscles shortened by ex...



Community Drills

Touch game

Split into two even teams and use same 20*20 square.Play touch game with 5 touches.After 15 minutes slow it down so it becomes a cool down.

Cool Down

The cool down will consist of the athlete's slowly jogging out to the 5 metre line and back to cool down the working muscles. After they have done...

cool down game walking NFL

to warm then down play games of walking nfl touch first to 3. then going into some static stretch's.calf walks, lungs, squats.

Centre speed development shuttle

Sprint shuttle to develop centres speedPlayer completes;10 x 15m sprints8 x 25m sprints6 x 40m sprints4 x 70m sprintsAfter each sprint walk back to st...