Drills: Coach junior

Ruck Defence Rugby
Ruck Defence
5 v 5 plus a scrum half Coach controls defence with calls up and back
Warm Up Drills Rugby
Warm Up Drills
1) Run out to far cone and back - 1/2 pace - no forward passes. br&
Tackle Relay Rugby
Tackle Relay
Lineout Game Rugby
Lineout Game
Setuo the practice as shown. The coach ca
Kicking Rugby
Players: 8 Grid: 10x20 or 30 (depending on age)
Driving Maul Rugby
Driving Maul
3 attackers against two defenders with contact pads. /p>
Defence Structure Rugby
Defence Structure
5 attackers - 10 defenders (or 2 to 1 ratio dependent on nu
React to Situation - 3 vs 2 Rugby
React to Situation - 3 vs
Players should pass in a line on the whistle. p
Rugby Rounders Rugby
Rugby Rounders
Split group into 2 - Batters and fielders. li&
Mini Maul Technique Rugby
Mini Maul Technique
Groups of 8 split into four groups of 2
2 vs 1 Rugby
2 vs 1
Coach starts with the ball and can throw the ball to either o
Relay passing race Rugby
Relay passing race
1) All team - legs straddle - pass ball between legs to back
2v1 Rugby
Coach starts with the ball.The coach can throw the ball to either one
Tackling practice Rugby
Tackling practice
Balls and cones In a 10m grid, two teams on two adj
Find The Space Rugby
Find The Space
Make one large 20m x 20m grid. Players wor
Drift defence Rugby
Drift defence
4 Tackle Bags. 10 Cones and 1 Ball.
Hula Slalom Relay Rugby
Hula Slalom Relay
Split the group into teams. On the coach&#
1 Vs 1 Rugby
1 Vs 1
Work in pairs Coach calls out a number and
1v1 Tackle Practice Rugby
1v1 Tackle Practice
Close down space quickly, make yourself big, keep moving forward with