Back Stop

category: Skills

Rounders Back stop Skills The position of the back stop can be close or far behind the batter. The positioning helps the batter decide where to bowl.

4 Ball Rounders

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders 4 ball rounders Ground Fielding 1 player hits 4 balls anywhere into the field. Once the batter has hit all the balls they run around all 4 p...

Rounders Hockey - Roll The Ball

category: Conditioned-games

Rounders Rounders Hockey - Roll the ball Conditioned games Set up : Split players into two teams (no more than 5v5 - set up several mini-games if ne...

Rounders Golf

category: Throwing-Catching

Rounders Rounders Golf Throwing & Catching Players work in pairs and have 3 cones between them. They set up their own golf course with the cones. The...

Netball Rounders - Throw Through The Hoop!

category: Conditioned-games

Rounders Netball rounders - Throw through the hoop! Conditioned games Set up a pitch using cones that is roughly the same size as a netball court (30...

Low Catch

category: Skills

Rounders Low catch Skills In pairs throwing the ball ow at each other to catch.

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