Back Stop

category: Skills

Rounders Back stop Skills The position of the back stop can be close or far behind the batter. The positioning helps the batter decide where to bowl.

Rounders Golf

category: Throwing-Catching

Rounders Rounders Golf Throwing & Catching Players work in pairs and have 3 cones between them. They set up their own golf course with the cones. The...

Low Catch

category: Skills

Rounders Low catch Skills In pairs throwing the ball ow at each other to catch.

5 V 5 Festival

category: Conditioned-games

Set Up:

2 teams of 5. The fielding team consists of: bowler, backstop, 2nd post, 3 fielders (1 on 2nd post...


Understanding The Game Of Rounders

Build your team spirit and create a little competitive edge with these fun small-sided games! Having a good laugh with your teammates will go a long w...


Community Drills

Main Session

Children are shown the basic technique of an overarm and underarm throw and techniques of throwing and catching. Children are put into pairs with 1 ba...