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Defence The Circle

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Defence the circle Defending Skills Defender passes the ball. Attackers go 1 on 1 and try to penetrate the circle. Defenders priority is to st...

Unopposed 11-A-Side

category: Game-related

Hockey Unopposed 11-a-side Game related The team has to pass the ball around the team using two touches. However, when ever players run out of posit...

Check The Time Grip

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Check the time Grip Practices For Juniors Players should switch from looking at the time on their watch (watch on left hand for right handed p...

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Community Drills

Tr 1 - U18 - transition / turn over

Goal:- see how the they anticipate during transitionExcercise * 2 squares, positions see picture* one square play 2V3 and if the defenders g...

Copy of Mini Hockey

The grid is 20yds by 25yds with 4 goals. the shooting line is 5yds out from the goals. Game is officiated like normal with a couple exceptions. There ...

5v4 continuous

Play for a set time. When on attack, player has 5 players, when defending, one must drop. Communication and awareness with quick transition