Stick Work

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Stick Work Skill Circuit Player runs up and down the slalom. ... Goal scoring - individual practice. view drill · Pushing test. view drill ·...

Goal Scoring - Individual Practice

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Goal scoring - individual practice Skill Circuit A great one for players to practice on their own and to develop shooting on the run. In this ...


category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Marking Defending Skills Temporary footage Players should not wear baseball caps footage will be re shot soon Place a ball on the pitch one pl...

Forehand Stick Dink

category: 3D-skills

Hockey Forehand Stick Dink 3D skills Lifting the ball over a stick or changing direction by lifting the ball is a 3 D skill. the lifting of the ball ...

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Community Drills

Skills Circuit

Individual Skills circuitZone 1A - V pull and 3D skill,B - Mine field dribble,C -inside/outside pull/3D skill and shootZone 2yard stick into 3D skill ...

1v1 scoring zones

A in each grid starts with a 1v1 against their defender (one at a time). If they make it in to the circle, an A on the endline can join the play (D de...