category: Conditioned-Games

Set up with two teams, each team having their own area in which they keep possession by passing the ball around. The other team can send one player ac...

Interception - Open Stick

category: Defending-Skills

in this video the defender times their run to intercept the pass to the left winger. To practice this skill set up players in groups of three, with on...

4V4 Endzone Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Set-up the pitch as shown. Place one player from each side in the opposite End Zone. Players have to try and get the ball to the player in the End Zon...

Aerial Ball

category: Passing-Receiving

Aerial pass or flick is useful when passing over distance or to try and get the ball over an opponent who is blocking your passing route. Left hand sh...

Web Videos

Field hockey goalkeeper training

A lot of people have commented on how close to the line I am standing. I don't think the camera angle helps but I do tend to stand closer to my line p...

Ritual hockey barcelona session hd

Earlier this year Ritual Hockey brought together an amazing group of athletes to test their new 2015-16 hockey stick range. Check out the video below ...