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These field hockey training games improve how your team defend and attack as a team. These games cover everything from keeping possession as a team to...


1 Vs 1 Defence A

category: Indoor-Hockey

When defender wins ball play out a 2 vs 1 counter attack. defence, indoor, interior. ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own p...

Forcing Play Over To The Forehand 2

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey Forcing Play over to the Forehand 2 Indoor Hockey Progression from the previous ... have to work harder to force the attack to their forehands...

1 V 1 Defence C

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey 1 v 1 Defence C Indoor Hockey Defence force play over to the forehand, while ... When the defender wins the ball, play out a 2 v 1 counter att...

Combinations - Deflections

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey Combinations - Deflections Indoor Hockey Drill to reinforce movement on the pitch. The player that ... attacking pattern Drill Thumbnail View ...

Web Videos

Best field hockey skills ever!

These are some of the best field hockey skills ever, by amazing players from all over the world. They are pretty amazing and they show us what we can ...


Session 1: The Hook Dribble

Skills from left to right including some combinations for players to move the ball from left to right, using the boards.

Session 6: Combinations

Passing and Moving combinations can be hard to stop. Get your players moving dynamically - always in the direction of the opposition's goal.