Drills: Out of the circle

hoop dribbling Handball
hoop dribbling
Hoops scattered in the area. Players dribble from one hoop to
Sumo strength Handball
Sumo strength
Cone off a small square area with all between 4-8 players ins
dribbling duel Handball
dribbling duel
Only player is dribbling. The other one tries to get the ball
111 running/jumping/moving Handball
111 running/jumping/moving
Twin tag. Run in pairs. One pair tries to tag the ot
Dribbling duels Handball
Dribbling duels
All your players have a ball each and are dribbling inside th
passing game Handball
passing game
One player in front of the others at a certain distance. This
557 flexibility Handball
557 flexibility
fingers, fore-arm Fingers into eachother, move upwards. BR
Standbal Handball
Kringopstelling. Een speler A heeft de bal, werpt deze recht omhoog, r
117 stability/balance Handball
117 stability/balance
Lean on arms and heels Fingers pointing towards feet BR>
Change Places Handball
Change Places
Number one hits the balloon up, calls out the number of anoth
323 defenders movements Handball
323 defenders movements
running forward to defend - small, fast steps - neve
warming up Handball
warming up
B1 passes to B2, takes his position, B2 runs to B3, B3 to B4 etc. B