category: 324-blocking

- fore-arms nearly next to eachother- elbows bent towards eachother- look in betweem you almost closed fore-arms, in this way the ball can never hit y...

532 Double Blocking

category: 532-double-blocking

Pass B1-R1 and B3-R1 who throws at the goal several times.W1 and W2 block in pair.

324 Blocking

category: 324-blocking

Defender follows paasways until 3 and then blocks shot by 3.Same on the right side.10 actions of the defender, then change positions.

Center Shot 1 Blocking Defender

category: 314-center-shot

Pass B1-R1-B1 throw at goal.R1 runs around the cones and comes up to pass as a pivot. Variations : - center shot when running - center shot hip height...

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