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The defender has to solve two problems:

1. Pass A-B-C pass to pivot F who tries to catch the ball and throw at the goal. Defender G tries to defend.

Immediately after this situation:

2. Pass A to B who makes a goalshot from 9 metres. Defender G has to block the goalshot.

Coaching points

Passes of the player:

- directly into the hands of the pivot

- with a bounce pass

- into the space left or right of the pivot

- higher than normal, so the pivot can catch the ball with one hand


1. Passes should come just as they are: the defender is most important so give him the opportunity to train his defending skills. Train the 4 different passes separately until you see improvement of the pivot defender.

2. Try more specialists on this position.

3. After you see that the defender is getting better, the pivot can really duel with the defender and passes may come harder to defend.

Defending the pivot.

Two ways:

Situation 1. on the left: stay in front of the pivot

- always try to keep contact with pivot

- 'fight' for your position

- try to make the pass to the pivot as difficult as possible


Drill tags: block, defence, defending, pivot

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