542 Attack : Free Throws

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Player 3 passes to player 4 who feints a jump shot, in the hope of dummying the defenders.Player 6, meanwhile, is screening while player 3 runs around...

541 Attacking In Powerplay Situations

category: 541-attacking-in-powerplay-situations

B6 screens W3.Pass B1 (who goes and screens W5)- pass B4-B3 who runs into the gap between the screening players B6 and B1 and throws at the goal.

Attacking Waves - 2V2

category: 534-position-play-3-3

In this game the wing player (green 1) feeds the ball to the first attacker who then works with their partner to try and get past the two defenders. A...

Roll Off The Screen

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Blue 4 and 6 stand with their backs to the defender, setting up a back screen.Blue 4 then throws the ball out to blue 3 who runs forwards with the bal...

Three Screen Free Throw

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Blue 4 takes the throw and passes out to blue 3. After the pass blue 6 and 4 move up court to screen white 4 and 5. At this point blue 5 moves from th...

1-2 Through And Shoot

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Blue 6 takes the free throw and passes the ball into the path of blue 3 who starts in the middle of the court. Player 3 then runs with the ball toward...

Web Videos

Salming handball attack - screw

The key here is for the attacker to make the jump as high as possible and thereby gain time needed to finish his shot. By raising his arm and at the s...