Dish Shape To Tuck

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Starting in a long sit lie back to form a Dish Shape.Raise the knees to the chest and clasp with the hands.Lift the head as near to the knees as posib...

Backward Roll Tuck

category: Key-2-content-Backwards-Roll

Starting in an extended position sit and rock back.Place hands on mat, close to the ears, with fingers pointing towards shoulders.Rotate backwards in ...

Tucked Jump From Spring Board

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Tuck

From a short run, hurdle step to take off from spring board with two feet.Form tuck shape during flight.Flex knees and hips on landing.

Standing Jump To Tuck

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Tuck

From a standing position on a low platform spring upwards and raise knees to chest.Bring hands to grasp shins forming a tuck shape.Bring arms wide to ...

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