Jump Shot Positioning

category: Shooting-Techniques

Players should throw the ball in the air slightly ahead of themselves for them to step onto. As they catch the ball they should jump slightly. As they...

Shooting - First To 21

category: Shooting

Players line up outside the key in two lines, with one ball per line. The first player to run must shoot as soon as they enter the key. If they score ...

Shooting Competition

category: Shooting

In fours play this first to make 10 points game. Players stand in various positions (in front of the basket, to the right and to the left). Use cones ...

Pass, Receive And Shoot

category: Shooting

Players pass the ball to the coach or a feeder just inside the key and run immediately after passing towards the basket. When they are in a prime shoo...

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Making the Set Shot

Teach your players the shooting basics, coaching correct technique and instil confidence in players when they're in front of the basket!