Making the Set Shot

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This Session is an absolute must read for all coaches with young and new teams, looking at how to coach correct shooting technique and instil belief in players in front of the basket.

Shooting is one of the most important aspects of basketball and one that your players are sure to be very keen to try. To give your players hoop dreams we've designed this session to coach correct technique as well as shooting confidence in your players.

B for balance - Players square their feet up to the basket.
E for elbow - Players get their elbow in an L shape facing the basket.
L for line - Line up their right foot, hand and eye.
I for index finger - Index finger lined up pointing towards the basket.
E is for extension - Players extend their arm to straight.
F is for flick - Players extend their arm and flick their wrist when fully extended to release the ball.

After coaching this session with your players you should see your players improve their basic shooting techniques, laying the foundations for future development.

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