Sevens Rugby: Pass, Follow and Support

This Sportplan session works on maintaining the width to help your players attack the space, as well as promoting core skills such as good hands and passing patterns.

There is no doubt that you must spend a great deal of time working on hands, and core skills. That said, you must also have patterns of play that will allow your players to have support in place to either ruck over a ball carrier that has been caught up in contact, provide deep running support, and to provide a second line of attack.

In Sevens Rugby, we have lots of space to attack but we don't have lots of players to attack the space, it’s vital that the ball carrier is intelligent with respect to their decision making, equally other players should be thinking about what they can to do off the ball.

This session works on maintaining the width in the attack, promoting the message: Pass, Follow, Support and Return!

strong>Get your team playing intelligent rugby, drawing in the opposition and offering deep running support to provide a second line of attack.

"Many international players refined their game on the Sevens circuit including all-time greats such as Jonah Lomu." Former Wales international and current pundit John Taylor, 2010.

Try time - Uganda score a try versus Tonga during the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Photo by on

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