Rucking through the gate to get beyond the ball!

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This Sportplan session looks at improving the quality of your rucking - working on: binding, solid rucking and coming through the gate.

It's important your team are technically well-drilled so that they don't injure themselves, they don't give away a penalty and so they are quick at forming the ruck. The faster your players are able to form the ruck the more likely it is they will win back the ball and avoid a scrum situation.

To ensure your players join from the 'hindmost' foot of the last player we've created this session to make sure your players run through the gate before joining the ruck. Once they've gone through this gate you can then focus on their driving over the ball so that your players shut the gate behind them as they go!

Due to the physical element of rucking it can be quite a dangerous skill to learn. To make this training accessible and safe for players of all ages and abilities we start off slowly, looking at the technique of going to ground in order to best protect the ball and avoid injury before moving into some tackle bag drills, finishing the session with a challenging conditioned overload game where players must drive through the cones (the gate) in order to win possession.

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