New season handling session

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This session is perfect for welcoming players back after a break and spotting areas that could do with improvement over the remainder of the season.

Using this plan you can assess your players':

  • Handling ability and their
  • Decision making skills

Although this session is aimed at younger players, older players could also benefit with refreshing their fundamentals ahead of the first games after a period off.

After this session you should see all players are:

  • Catching with 2 hands out in front of the body
  • Passing both ways and following through to target
  • Looking up while carrying the ball before passing
  • Keeping the ball in front while carrying the ball
  • Making the right decisions when running at defenders
Session Ratings: 3 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
Session Comments:
New season handling session
Mike Seba
South Africa Mike Seba
Good age U11's
New season handling session
raymond vasukinausori
Australia raymond vasukinausori
good to use,and start to assess players skill level.good.

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