Games Session: Fun Alternative to Drills

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Looking for something different this week? Drills can be tedious at times, especially running them each session. So, this week’s session incorporates fun and competitive games instead of the standard drills format.

Throughout this session your players will compete against each other, the games will test their decision making, speed, attacking vision and defensive abilities. Competing is fun but even better when players get the chance to improve their abilities in a competitive game.

Do you think this is just a game? or we're just going soft? - far from it! These high-intensity games make it easy for you to set up a fun and hard-working environment on the pitch which will see your players thinking carefully about their passing and how to use footwork to open up space.

Change things up and try this games-based session with your players today.

In this session you can throw in one or two drills but try and keep them competitive, with as little explanation as possible. Sometimes as a coach one needs to step back and let players just enjoy every moment of competing in the session. This change in routine can lead to players regaining their hunger for the game and for the upcoming sessions throughout the season.

Session Ratings: 6 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
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Games Session: Fun Alternative to Drills
Rob Evans
New Zealand Rob Evans
I haven't found much in this plan for 10 & 11 yr olds but could see some stuff for premier level next year
Games Session: Fun Alternative to Drills
Alexander Lloyd
Wales Alexander Lloyd
I coach U7s & U8s.
The dynamic stretching was not a success because of the concentration ability of young children. The possession (3v2) and triple layer ball game became useful once the kids had got used to it - I've added the triple layer game to my coaching book as something to go back to when we its time to revisit space and precision.

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