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  • search our library of 1100+ rugby drills
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Here are the key learning areas we “tackle” in this manual;

  • Onside and off side
  • Passing technique
  • Spacial awareness
  • Running technique
  • Tackle technique and confidence
  • Body height
  • Ball control, ripping and placing
  • The clean out

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      Introduction To Contact Rugby Manual
    20 weeks of training sessions:- introducing and increasing confidence in Contact

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    Full 20 week guide to introducting Contact in Rugby.
    Teach from Under 8's upwards.

    You are about to take on one of the most difficult seasons for a young rugby player, the year they learn to tackle. Some kids will take to it like a duck to water and others will really struggle with the idea of contact.

    Your job this season is to get the players to feel confident in contact. Put simply they need to feel happy to get in and grab other players. Lets face it the players won’t be tackling like internationals by the end of the season, however, if they are happy to get amongst the action and bring a player to the ground you have done a great job.

    You will have two people to win over this season, mum and the player. Mum will be worried her little boy will get hurt every game and so will the player. Your job is to show mum and the young player that tackling is actually just a form of wrestling, much the same as what is done in the back yard.

    We have devised an enjoyable method for coaching kids contact rugby based on wrestling or the bear hug. Once they understand the 3 key principle of tackle they will find it less daunting. The key principles of a good tackle are;

    * Get close
    * Get low
    * Squeeze tight around both legs

    Save Time & Teach with Confidence

    Download the ebook for just £39.99
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    What we have done with The Introduction To Contact manual is divide each training session into 4 lots of 10 minute skill development sessions and finish the training session with a modified tackle rugby game to reinforce what they have learnt during the training session.

    That's a full hour of quality rugby coaching in which the players will love and be focused for the entirety. At the end of the training session the players would have learnt, had fun and will be tired. Mum will love you for that!

    Download the ebook for just £39.99
    buy now
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    Save Time & Teach with Confidence
    Download the ebook for just £39.99
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    20 Tried and Tested Progressive Coaching Plans for Introducing and Improving Confidence in Contact.
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