Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • 2 players minimum 
  • Tackle Sausage 

 -Crocodile roll is one technique to repmove threats from a breakdown.
most useful for smaller players to move larger ones. 
 -Require control, power, accuracy.
Identify if croc roll is the right technique to use. 
- Target the defenders upperback/lower neck region. 
- Initate the clear out by big shoulder contact into that area, set feet wide, then bearhug the defender 
- Use momentum and rotate hips downwards, maintain strong grip and roll palyer off the ball. 
- Finish movement on top of player and compete for ball. 

Coaching points

  • Still have a heavy/powerful impact 
  • Use momentum 
  • Arms around torso not head. 
  • (watch Croc Roll Video for technique) 

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