Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Start out with a grid of 10 x 10
  • Passing progressions are based  upon the ability of players to fix defenders - ensure the exercise reflects match situations
  • Start with three groups of three or four, each on a corner of the square leaving one corner free
  • Players need to come around the corner, bending their runs before straightening up before popping the ball off to the next group
  • The ball needs to travel through hands of all the players in the group

Coaching points

  • Focus on delayed runs and angle, speed of runs from supporting attackers.
  • Match speed to replicate realism
  • Attacking the 'inside shoulders' of the defenders


  • To progress the exercise, add in one defender holding a tackle bag, to passively defend
  • The defender should move towards the first two attackers to add some pressure
  • Further, you can add a second defender to increase the difficulty and add more realism to the practice
  • This adds pressure to the second and third attackers.

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