Hockey Drill Demonstration


The player with the ball passes the ball square to the other attacking player. Upon receiving the ball player 2 runs laterally across the defender, staying just out of reach. In the meantime player 1 has to run diagonally into the space behind the defender.

Player 2 has two options they can pass the ball into the space behind the defender for player 1 to run onto or player 2 can keep the ball and continue to run past the defender.

Player 2 can pass at any time and must run to be available for the return pass from player 1.

Coaching points

To begin with you can make the defender in this drill passive. As your players become more confident on the ball in this overload drill increase the role of the defender - making your attackers work hard to make the numbers work to their advantage.

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Drill tags: movement, moving for the ball, off the ball, running, support

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