Hockey Drill Demonstration


- 180 degree change of direction
- Useful when running into a dead space
- Allows the resetting of the transfer
- Player dribbles the ball towards the right cone
- Once there, the player should leave the ball behind them on the stick, and utilise a large dragging movement while pivoting
- This drag should take them outside the left cone, allowing them to pass the ball to the next player

Coaching points

- A high elbow should be used whilst carrying the ball, alongside an open body shape to disguise the movement
- This will give the impression to the opponent that the ball is moving to the right
- A player keeping there head up and looking to the right will increase the disguise on the pass
- A large two touch drag under control is much better than a one touch small drag which lacks control


- Increase the distance between the cones, and therefore the required size of the drag

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