Hockey Drill Demonstration


6-7 Players. One at each cone. Players stand outside the cone. Pass around the hexagon. Letting the ball travel across body space, and flowing into next pass. Keep all passes and bodies on the move. Follow Pass. Work on transfer reception, cross-body elimination reception, and check back reception. Go both directions. On third round add player in the center. Players on the outside can choose to pass to player in the center. Once the center player receives they take the ball quickly out of hexagon to a cone. Players rotate around the hexagon keeping the ball on the move. Player who passed to the center player follows pass into the center area.

Field Set Up

Hexagon with 5-10 yards (depending on player strength) between cones


4 x 4 minutes with 1 minute break

Coaching Points

- Feet facing direction you want to go

- Hands away from body, let ball cross body space on reception

- Fluidity from receive to pass - minimize touches


Created by Rachel, Hockey Coach, United States of America

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