Hockey Drill Demonstration


Attackers outside 23m switch play waiting for an opening to pass the ball to a player unmarked.  Attacker to score goal. Point for shot at goal.  Point for getting to T spot. 

Defence to start within the final quarter.  Win turnover and run ball out to 23m (1 point).

Start 4 attackers v 3 Defenders inside  23m.  2 attackers switching outside 23m.

Coaching points

Red areas - goal scoring opportunities.

Blue areas - T spot to penetrate D behind defence. Objective is to deiver ball to penalty spot.

Other areas - receiving unmarked is good and a start in trying to get the ball into a scoring opportunity.  Can use to move defence.

Discuss advantages of retaining posession and switching play. 

Technical: switching play using slap - fast and accurate.  Pre scan - Receive strong (open stick) - re scan quickly - decision to pass in or switch - pass - repeat.

Created by David, Hockey ???register.Other???, England

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