Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? Cones or lines, balls, 10+ players (even numbers)

How? Every player on each team is given a number, in this case 1-5. The Coach (C) throws a ball into the playing area and calls out a number from 1-5. The players from both team with that number will step into the playing area and try to score a point for their team. 

The coah can advance the game by calling out more numbers at the same time, resulting in 2v2 or 3v3. 

The play is over when the ball goes out of bounds or a goal is scored.

Coaching points

  • Have fun
  • Use eliminating skills
  • Use speed
  • Pay attention!


Throw the ball in the air, so the players have to control it first. 

Throw in bouncy balls for stick control. 

Created by noah, Hockey Coach, United States of America

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