Hockey Drill Demonstration


Divide pitch into 3rds across. 6 or 7 aside game. Condition is that in each 3rd there are 2 players from each side. If numbers are greater add an extra player in the midfield section. 

Players can only move from their section is they carry across the line or completed pass thru and get ahead. They are allowed to reset in their original positions.


Coaching points

Carry to go forward, pass and step through to create an overload (3 v 2) in a higher pitch position. Then exploit overload. Still keeping the idea of using all the space as above.

Defending as an underload. Ball side / helpside

Progression. Remove 3rds and allow open play but this time put a vertical line down the middle 3rd of the pitch. This creates a right and left midfield channel. The ball must stay in that channel until the 23, or recycle to the fullback to switch point of attack. This links with the first drill progression- outletting, but encourage direct carry / passes / connections to go forward at speed in midfield channels. 


Created by philip, Hockey Coach, England

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