Hockey Drill Demonstration


Defenders are to start in the 23 meter area with the ball. The objective is to trough and outlet the ball down the wide channels to supporting players. The team off-the-ball should apply maximum pressure on the defenders and force them into pockets

Coaching points

  • Defending players to trough the ball around the back
  • Attackers to apply pressure on defenders to intercept the ball
  • Attackers to for wide "V" pockets around defender in possession of ball
  • Attackers to allow defenders to trough the ball to wider areas before applying maximum pressure
  • 2 players from each team should be positioned in the wide channels
  • When defenders successfully trough and find space, possession should be transferred down the line to the supporting attacker on either side
  • The player off the ball should apply pressure on the receiving player and stop them from scoring in the goals on the halfway line
  • If possession has been intercepted,, counter attack should be initiated


Created by Lebogang, Hockey Coach, South Africa

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