Hockey Drill Demonstration


Play first without the sticks, just using hands to roll the ball. Groups of 3, with 1 farmer (red) vs 2 thieves (blue)

Thieves have stolen a potato and try to pass it as many times as possible without the farmer catching it. Switch over after 5 passes or if the farmer catches the potato.

Progession: Use sticks to dribble & pass the ball.

1) Farmer should not get closer than 2m to the players.

2) Farmer can get close & tackle the ball.

Coaching points

If you don't have the ball, lead the run into space & try and confuse the defender by changing direction.

If you have the ball, try and trick the farmer by disguising the pass.

Pass early if the farmer is coming to you. If you don't have time, protect the ball and wait for your partner to give you an option.

Created by Stew, Hockey Coach, Singapore

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