Basketball Drill Demonstration


To start the drill there needs to be two players on the half court line(in the diagram the players at the halfway line are the red and blue players in the middle of the court) there also needs to be two even lines in the right corners of the court.(as shown on the diagram) when I blow a whistle the drill will start. The students will dribble the ball from where they start to the right hand side of the basket. the students will when close enough to the basket preform a right hand layup. I will demonstrate a basic right hand layup beefore the drill starts. After the students preform the layup even if they miss they must pass the ball to the next person in the line. The people that recieve the ball will then dribble the ball to the basket and exucute the layup, then after pass the ball to the next person in the line. the drill will carry on like thin untill i stop the drill.

Created by cameron, Basketball Coach, England

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