Basketball Drill Demonstration


Students will line up against the wall. They will be given instructions while they are lined up inside the gym. They will then be assigned a starting point.

Teams will be timed and will be competing to see which team will thru all stations the  fastest. 

Time starts:

The Students will go thru the tunnel where they will be leaving their past behind and going to a NEW HORIZON. When they get out of the Tunnel #1 they will do 10 pushups. They will do 10 wall squats and then to the Rope Climbing( Rope will be hanging off the basketball goal. They will then do 10 plank ups and go into the tunnel #2. When they get out of tunnel #2 they will do 10 jumping jacks and proceed to the burpee station.

Once all students are back at their starting point time will stop.  

Created by Yvonne, Basketball Teacher, United States of America

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