Basketball Drill Demonstration


Coach (A) is the rebounder.

Players line up anywhere on the court in one of the 5-out spots (free throw lines extended shown)

Players must cut around one cone to get to the cone from which they will catch and shoot.

Coach can designate where the players are to start from, to which cone they must cut, etc., or can make it a players choice if things are going well and the players can handle the order of who cuts when straight.

2 Options shown (1. and 2.) for illustration only. Any combination of cuts around a cone to another cone are acceptable.

Coaching points

Movement to the ball requires one to "shake the defender" by working hard.

Curl to your sweet spot to catch and shoot with proper form.

Land either on two feet square to the basket for the shot or curl and twist in the air while catching the ball and square on inside pivot to immediately go straight up for the shot.

Created by Vava, Basketball Coach, Canada

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