Basketball Drill Demonstration


2 Guard Front

G1 Pushes and overloads the side AWAY from post in 6 hole.

_G1 is looking for wing coming off screens, looking for post or pass to corner.

G2 Sets a screen for W in corner as soon as G1 starts dribbling towards G2.

_G2 ready to pick and roll(pass from G1) or catch and shoot or pump fake and drive off pass from post. 

Post sets screen for wing coming from corner. Post sits in screen spot looking for pass from G1.

_Post can deliver a pass to the opposite wing going back door, wing at top of key, Guard freethrow ext. or Guard in corner.

Wing uses screen to get to top of Key.

Opposite Wing will:

-Float to corner looking to catch and shoot off the kick out if Wing penitrates from top of key.

-Go back door if G1 passes to Post 

Coaching points

Get to spots so we can play basketball. 

set up the D

Use the screens 

Set solid screens

Ball fakes and solid passes.

Created by Micheal, Basketball Coach, United States of America

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