Basketball Drill Demonstration


1. 1\2 Court dribble using left hand - eye up.

2. Display 3 * {chossen skill} inbetween each of the cones

3. Left hand lay up jumping over cones.

4. Collect ball and sprint to 1/2 court using left hand

5. At 1/2 court pass to player at 3 point line far side.

6. Make a direct run to the base line and v-cut to the free throwline.

7. Receive pass from player take a turn around jump shot and fill to the passing players position.

8 Passsing player should rebound the shot timing  the rebound so that it doesn't touch the floor.

9. Collect the ball and pass to the starting position.

Coaching points

Build speed as ability increases.

Speed, Dribbling skills, Layups V-Cut, Jumpshot, Rebounding

Created by David, Basketball Coach, Scotland

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