Basketball Drill Demonstration


3 offensive players try to score as quickly as possible on 2 defenders.  If the defense gets the stop or the shot goes in then the defense takes the ball to the other side of the court to score.  The person who shot it for the offense is the defender against the 2 defenders who are now offense.  Whoever gets the rebound off the shot attempt grabs the ball and outlets it to the middle and they go on offense against 2 defenders left from the first offensive unit.

Coaching points


  • Try to score quickly
  • Be aggressive
  • make good passes
  • don't turn the ball over


  • Be aggressive
  • Hustle
  • Communicate
  • Box out and grab the rebound


  • Fill the spots for outlet and make sure you follow the rules for who gets back on defense
  • Be smart and make good decisions.

Created by JD, Basketball Coach, United States of America

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