Basketball Drill Demonstration


This is a really good competitive drill to improve ballhandling, 1 on 1 moves in the open court, close outs, and 1 on 1 defense.

The "high five" in the middle adds a fun element to the drill and requires player to dribble

Coaching points



  1. Two groups of players out of bounds, free throw line extended. Each player in group 1 (attackers) has a ball. Group 2 players (defenders) are on the opposite side.

  2. Players 1 and 2 step in. Player 1 starts dribbling while player 2 starts running.

  3. They meet at the free throw spot where they exchange a "high five".

  4. Player 1 changes direction and dribbles fast to half court, he touches the midcourt line and attacks the basket. Player 2 runs under the basket and closes out defending against the advancing dribbler.

  5. 1 on 1 follows. Both players can rebound a missed shot and shoot again to a score (at the same basket).

  6. When a basket has been made or when a given number of shots (2 or 3) have been taken, players switch groups and roles.


Teaching Tips:

  • The defensive player must play aggressively: Rush at the ball handler (never wait for him in the paint). Stop quickly so the attacker can't beat you. Contest any shots (including three pointers) and any drives to the basket.

  • Work on proper defensive stance and footwork. Pay attention to the offensive player’s strong side.

  • The attacker has to create an advantage for himself (using dribble moves, hesitations and so on), trying to take an open shot or an easy drive to the basket.

  • Don’t stop! The attacker should make a move immediately and take advantage of the space they have in the open court. Get the defender on their heals and beat them right or left. A quick inside-out dribble move or quick change of direction attacking the defender's top foot should allow the attacker to maintain momentum to the basket.

  • Box out after any shots and fight for the rebound.



  • Make it more competitive: the “losing” player always goes (or remains) in the defensive players’ group.

  • Set a time limit for every action.


Created by Michalis, Basketball Coach, Cyprus

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