Hockey Drill Demonstration


  • Blue A starts with ball and dribbles down line
  • Blue A does a safety turn at cones and passes to Blue F and runs to far post for a deflection.
  • Blue F gives accurate and hard slap pass to blue D
  • Blue D receive ball and does the same to red D
  • Red D drives down the base line and does a 3d skill at cones
  • After skill Red D pass to top D to Red F
  • Red F has the option to either pass to Blue A on far post or take a shot at near post (Depending where the goalie is)


  • As soon as Red F passed or took the shot, the coach or next player in line at bottom left cone pass (Hard accurate slap) To Blue D
  • The game then turns into a 3v2 with the Blue players attacking the goal and the Red defending
  • If Red gets posession they have to pass the ball to the player or coach at bottom left

Coaching points

1st part of exercise:

  • Passes are hard and accurate
  • Players receive ball with stick far away from body and also to where they want to pass next(open hips and shoulders)
  • High intensity

Part 2:

  • Guardian
  • Angles from ball carrier
  • receive with vision
  • leading
  • Communication and showing where you want the ball (for the players without the ball)
  • When in the circle players complete checklist (is shot on? if no, is pass on? if no, Upgrade to PC)

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