Hockey Drill Demonstration


Blue player 1 runs with ball around blue hat to link up with Blue player 2 who has run with Red defender 1 shadowing her.  Blue player 1 may use Blue player 3 waiting in safe zone to pass a fwd or squ pass to then move into space to rec ball back to continue on to circle working with Blue Player 2.  Blue player 3 may join them only if she receives a pass back from Player 1 or 2.

Red defender 1 must shadow Blue 2 and prevent her from getting the ball.  Red defender 2 must run around red hat before entering in play then she must work with Red 1 to help stop the blue team from scoring.

Defenders to clear ball over sideline to win drill.

Coaching points

Encourage both Red + Blue teams to work together, they must communicate to each other.

Players need to work on controlling the ball and makeing good passes and then follow and support team mate.

Player 1+ 3 then moves to become next player 2. Player 2 moves to end of line for Player 1 role.

Defenders alternate with each other to rest.

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